FlyBe Flight Makes Emergency Landing In Edinburgh

1 March 2017, 06:07

Airline - Flybe

A Flybe aircraft with 60 passengers on board has been forced to make emergency landing after developing a technical fault.

The flight, which developed a technical fault with its front wheels as it travelled to Edinburgh from Birmingham at around 7pm on Tuesday.

The carrier said emergency services were dispatched as a precautionary measure to meet the BE851 flight.

A spokeswoman for  the airline said: ''Flybe can confirm that the above flight landed without incident at Edinburgh Airport following a technical fault with the aircraft.

''The pilot followed all required procedures and the aircraft landed safely and was towed to stand. All 60 passengers disembarked as normal.

''As is standard procedure the airport put its emergency vehicles on standby as a precautionary measure.

''The safety of its passengers and crew is the airline's number one priority and Flybe apologises for any inconvenience caused.''

The incident is the third which the airline has experienced in a short period of time.

On Thursday February 23, a Flybe flight between Edinburgh to Amsterdam crash landed at Schipol Airport after its landing gear collapsed.

Earlier in the same day a flight between Glasgow to Birmingham had to return to Glasgow when one of its propeller engines was shut down by the pilot.