First Minister In Normandy To Mark D-Day

6 June 2014, 05:32 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Alex Salmond is in Northern France, as the world commemorates the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day landings.

World leaders are showing their support, 70 years since the D-day landings.

Dignitaries from President Obama, to Scotland's First Minister are taking part in events across Europe and the UK.

The Allied nations landed more than 130,000 troops on five beaches on D-Day in the biggest seaborne invasion in military history. The operation is generally thought to have led to victory in the Second World War.

Mr Salmond said: ''The commemorations are entirely appropriate - there's going to be political leaders from a huge amount of countries who were part of the allied invasion of Europe 70 years ago; that defeated Nazism. This one is of great significance as this one is the last occasion where a substantial number of veterans will be included. There aren't all that many people who were part of the conflict who are still alive, and in 10 years time, for the 80th anniversary there will be very, very few. Therefore it's incumbent on all of us to reflect on the sacrifice they made.

''Though we know now the invasion was successful and these evil forces were defeated that wasn't a foregone conclusion by any means when the invasion took place 70 years ago.

''We have to record our thanks to all in the armed forces - men and women. As Scots we have to be thankful that some of the most notable deeds were carried out by Scottish soldiers - we should be proud of that.''

Edinburgh Castle will be lit up purple tonight, to mark the anniversary.