Edinburgh has 8 out of 10 Most Expensive Streets

29 December 2018, 09:14

Golf Place

A famous street in St Andrews remains the most expensive in Scotland with an average house price of £1.975 million, a study has found.

Golf Place, which leads to the Old Course in the Fife town, was found to be the priciest in the country in analysis of house prices over the last five years by Bank of Scotland.
Edinburgh was found to have eight of the top 10 most expensive streets and 12 of the top 20, with Ann Street second overall with an average value of £1.7 million, followed by Northumberland Street at £1.5 million.
Aberdeen is home to two of the costliest locations in the top 20 - Loirsbank Road (£1.2 million) and Rubislaw Den South (£1.19 million) - 
while four entries are classed as Glasgow, led by Earl's Gate (£1.12 million) which lies between Uddingston and Bothwell.
Many of the expensive addresses across the country are close to golf courses.
Ricky Diggins, director at Bank of Scotland, said: "For the second consecutive year, no location in Scotland is on a par with St Andrews when it comes to the country's most prestigious addresses.
"It's good to see a new entry from Glasgow, creating four of the most expensive streets in the city, and not just in the traditionally 
expensive west end.
"It's no surprise that the capital dominates the majority of the top spots, particularly given the average house price continues to be among 
the highest in the country."
The top 20 most expensive streets in Scotland:
Golf Place, St Andrews - £1.975m
Ann Street, Edinburgh - £1.707m
Northumberland Street, Edinburgh - £1.537m
Heriot Row, Edinburgh - £1.503m
Ettrick Road, Edinburgh - £1.494m
Regent Terrace, Edinburgh - £1.411m
Drummond Place, Edinburgh - £1.286m
Inverleith Avenue South, Edinburgh - £1.263m
Loirsbank Road, Aberdeen £1.218m
Saxe Coburg Place, Edinburgh - £1.213m
Rubislaw Den South, Aberdeen - £1.195m
Earl's Gate, Glasgow - £1.125m
Manse Road, Glasgow - £1.123m
Nelson Street, Edinburgh - £1.122m
Grange Road, Glasgow - £1.117m
Danube Street, Edinburgh - £1.1m
Cumin Place, Edinburgh - £1.099m
The Scores, St. Andrews - £1.083m
Wester Coates Gardens, Edinburgh - £1.078m
Kingsborough Gardens, Glasgow - £1.075m