Driver Murderered In Shooting Had Friend In Car

16 November 2016, 19:08 | Updated: 16 November 2016, 19:15

Sheids Road

A man murdered in a "shocking'' late-night shooting as he sat in his car at a red light had a friend in the vehicle with him.

Euan Johnston, 26, was rushed to hospital but later died after the shooting at the junction in Shields Road, Glasgow, just before midnight on Tuesday.

Police Scotland said the "targeted attack'' took place in front of some members of the public when Mr Johnston stopped at a pedestrian crossing in his black Audi RS4 estate.

He was shot by someone travelling in a dark Audi Q5 that had pulled up beside him before speeding off. No-one else was injured.

Mr Johnston and his friend had been out for a meal and were returning home when the attack took place.

He was described as a "significant witness'' along with other people in nearby cars who "went to the aid of Mr Johnston''.

Detectives launched a murder inquiry and forensic teams have been scouring the scene of the attack on Wednesday.

White cars seen abandoned within the police cordon belong to some of the witnesses who tried to help.

The shooting took place at about 11.45pm on Tuesday and Mr Johnston was treated at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital before he died at 2.50am on Wednesday.

Detective Superintendent Jim Kerr said: "The man had just stopped at a pedestrian crossing on Shields Road, just south of its junction with Scotland Street, when he was approached by the Audi Q5.

"Someone from that vehicle shot him and then the car sped off in a northerly direction on Shields Road and turned east into Scotland Street towards the Kingston Bridge.

"This was obviously a targeted attack. Although it was quite late at night, this can be a busy area and there could have been a number of people walking by or in vehicles.

"Thankfully, no-one else was injured but the incident was witnessed by members of the public. This is a shocking incident and something that no-one should have to witness.''

Police have no descriptions of anyone in the Audi Q5 but are checking CCTV from the area.

Mr Kerr said an Audi Q5 was found burnt out in the north of Glasgow.

"It's a big significance that within 10 minutes of this happening there's a car on fire round about Milton. It's something we're not excluding from this inquiry, that's for sure.''

The lead detective said Mr Johnston, who would have turned 27 next week, was "known to police'' and when asked to elaborate, said: "It would be unfair really but we have had dealings with him in the past.

"At the end of the day this is a man going about his night-time business with his friend in the car and he's been shot, and nobody expects something like that.''

When asked if the shooting was linked to gangs or drugs, Mr Kerr said: "There could be an association or particular motive but we're keeping our options open at the moment in relation to that.''

It is believed more than one shot was fired in the attack.

The street has been closed to all traffic following the incident while passengers for the subway were not allowed access to the Shields Road station.

Operators SPT advised passengers to use the West Street, Kinning Park or Bridge Street stations instead and the multi-storey car park near the station was also shut.