Deputy PM Attacked With Paint

A 22 year old's due in court later after Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg was covered in blue paint at a meeting in Glasgow.

The Liberal Democrat leader was in Glasgow meeting grassroots Lib Dem members during a tour of the UK.

Two men entered the closed meeting and threw paint at Mr Clegg and Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie.

It is understood Mr Rennie took the brunt of the paint attack.

It is not known if the men were Lib Dem members.

Mr Rennie said, "It was two disgruntled individuals, who chose not to speak about their concerns in advance but were purely interested in a stunt.

Their behaviour has only obscured any message that they may have had.

I've always wanted a blue streak in my hair but my mother wouldn't let me.''

The Deputy Prime Minister dismissed being attacked with blue paint as "not a big deal''.

A spokesman for Mr Clegg said, "Nick certainly was not going to let it stop him from talking to Glaswegian Liberal Democrats about their concerns.

Nick's got three children under-10, he's not worried about a bit of paint.''

One man, aged 22, has been arrested in connection with the incident at Woodside Hall in the west of the city, police said.

A spokesman said he was being detained in connection with allegations of breach of the peace and police assault.

It is understood the man is expected to appear at Glasgow Sheriff Court later.