Claims 'Uncertainty Over IndyRef2 Damaging Scottish Economy'

18 January 2017, 14:41

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The Scottish Secretary is claiming constant talk of a second independence referendum is damaging Scotland's economy.

David Mundell told MPs he had ''no doubt'' that ''uncertainty'' caused by the possibility of another poll was having an impact on jobs and economic activity.

Mr Mundell's comments come after First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said Theresa May's Brexit plan to take the UK out of the single market ''undoubtedly'' brings Scotland closer to a second referendum.

Mr Mundell was asked by the Tory MP Sir David Amess during Scotland questions if he had considered the effect on the Scottish economy of another independence referendum.

Mr Mundell replied: ''You may be aware that today in relation to labour market statistics unemployment is up in Scotland, employment is down and economic activity is down too.

''I am in no doubt that the uncertainty caused by the constant reference to an independence referendum is having an impact on the Scottish economy.''