145 Apprenticeship And Graduate Jobs Created At BT

2 March 2017, 11:02


BT is creating 145 apprenticeships and graduate jobs in areas including cyber security and software development.

The company said it will recruit people from around the country, with jobs also covering positions in customer service and vehicle maintenance.

Around 2,500 apprentices and graduates have been employed by BT over the last two years.

The majority of the new posts are for apprentices, with management saying they want to build a ''culture of tech literacy within the UK so that the country remains a digital leader''.

The company is also funding Barefoot Computing, a project to help primary school staff teach computer science.

Gavin Patterson, chief executive of BT, said: ''Young people today need three basic skills - reading, writing and tech know-how.

''BT is investing in the next generation, helping to train primary school teachers to teach computer science and recruiting large numbers of apprentices and graduates. This is the right thing for us to do if the UK is to remain a digital leader.

''It is an exciting time to join BT as it continues to invest in ultrafast broadband, 4G, television and sport. We are also preparing for future technologies, including 5G, and so we want to recruit the very best.

''Our apprenticeship and graduate roles will offer people the hands-on experience they need to succeed.''

Brendan Dick, BT Scotland director, said: ''This latest major recruitment is a further example of BT's commitment to Scotland as one of the nation's leading employers and investors.

''We're offering exciting, high-quality careers in a fast-moving industry. The new recruits will join a world-leading company, which has already invested hundreds of millions of pounds in Scotland in technologies such as superfast broadband and 4G.''