Woman Chokes And Dies At Stockton Diner

7 November 2013, 14:22 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

A diner at a Frankie & Benny's restaurant in Stockton has died after she choked on some food.

The 48-year-old was eating with members of her family when she collapsed at the Teesside Park outlet at 6.30pm on Wednesday (6th November).

Other diners tried to help her after her airway became blocked, then paramedics arrived but they were unable to save her.

Ambulance staff called police to the scene after the woman died.

A Cleveland Police spokeswoman said:
"A 48-year-old woman who attended the restaurant with members of her family is believed to have collapsed, suffering from an obstructed airway.

Efforts to resuscitate the female by other diners and subsequently by the ambulance crew failed.

Cleveland Police would like to extend condolences to the family of the deceased.''

A Frankie & Benny's spokesman said:
"Yesterday evening a guest became unwell and passed away in the bathroom of our Stockton restaurant.

The emergency services arrived promptly but were unable to revive her.

Our condolences go out to the family.''