Vicky Pattison: Online Abuse "Kills Me"

4 August 2016, 05:00

Vicky Pattison

Former Geordie Shore star Vicky Pattison has opened up to Capital about how she deals with internet trolls, admitting "it makes me cry."

The 28 year old has called on social-media websites to do more to tackle the issue and urges them to think of the impact it has on young people.

She said:
"It's so disgusting, it's so low - it kills me." 

"I wouldn't walk up to someone on a night out and say 'you look fatter than you did last week', but behind a shield of a computer these people have a sick confidence and I hate it."

"It does hurt my feelings and it does get me down sometimes."

"There are young lads and young girls out there, some of them are getting down and some are taking their own lives - this isn't okay." 

In an interview with Capital's Sam Thomson, Vicky reveals the impact the abuse has on her life: