Valen-TYNE Tunnel Renamed For A Day

14 February 2013, 16:45 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

A romantic North East couple has found a unique way of saying 'I love you' this Valentine's Day, with some help from the Tyne Tunnels!

On Valentine's Day the Tyne Tunnels will be dedicated to Marian Swift, thanks to  her partner Keith Bruce, from North Shields.

Keith entered TT2's recent ValenTYNE's Day competition with a poetic description of the role the Tyne Tunnels have played in his blossoming relationship with Marian, from Darlington.

The couple had met online, and Keith had at first feared the journey to see one another would be a barrier.

However the Tyne Tunnels became the shuttle run for love!

When Marian initially drove up to meet Keith in North Shields she took her first journey through the original vehicle tunnel.

Keith says
"She was very nervous about using the tunnel, not knowing what to expect or how to use the toll plaza. But it all went smoothly and she sailed through the tunnel and into my life.

Now she's a 'season ticket' holder and we watched the second tunnel being built together.

Our shuttling days are coming to an end soon as we're getting married this year. So there won't be quite so many trips under the Tyne."

Rachel Turnbull, CEO of TT2, said
"This competition was meant to bring a little light hearted fun to our customers. We've heard some great stories about the 'tunnels of love', but we were touched by Keith's story above the others and felt, with their forthcoming nuptials, that they were the perfect couple to dedicate the tunnels to this Valentine's Day.

It's always interesting to hear about people's journeys through the tunnels - where they are going, and why.

The tunnels take people to such a variety of places, and a competition like this really highlights what an important route the tunnels are for the North East, both for business and for pleasure."

As well as seeing the tunnels renamed after Marian, the happy couple also won a meal for two, a one month Tyne Tunnel permit, and a luxury, bespoke Valentine's Day Cake from Tynemouth-based Little Village Bakery, to make their Valentine's Day celebrations even sweeter.