Tribute to Woman Who Fell From Newcastle Balcony

13 September 2011, 17:20 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

The family of a woman who fell from a balcony in Newcastle have paid tribute to a 'beautiful, warm and happy girl'.

21 year old Jenna Latham, of Molineux Court in the East End died after falling from a balcony of a third floor flat at the Moorings, St Peter's Basin, at 6.35pm on Friday evening, September 9.

Paramedics were called but the 21-year-old died at the scene.

Jenna's mum, Lynne Latham, said: "My beautiful baby girl was happy, warm and caring and she had grown into such a stunning young woman who was so talented, she was going places; so confident and happy.

Jenna had studied performing arts at Newcastle College, and her mum added: "We are so proud of our Jenna's achievements at college, she stole the show. She had so many friends and everyone loved her so much. Our world has fallen apart.

I was blessed to have Jenna and I will cherish my memories forever, my darling beautiful baby girl. She meant everything to us, so much that words cannot describe. This past year had been a difficult one for Jenna and the whole family has been left devastated.

"This was merely a tragic accident that should never have happened. I know in my heart that this was not Jenna's time to go, she just lost her footing and fell. The image will live with me forever. I will always have her in my heart."

Jenna's sister 24 year old Adele Latham, added: "My darling little sister Jenna was such a beautiful, confident, caring girl who always tried to make the best of her life. Jenna was such a popular young girl who has so many people who love her and who are totally devastated about what's happened.

"I just can't believe she's gone; it doesn't seem real knowing I won't ever see her beautiful, cheeky grin again. I love her millions and the pain just hurts so much, I feel empty inside like a part of me has died."

In a direct tribute spoken to Jenna, Adele who has a 3 year old daughter, added: "I wish I could hold you sis and reassure you everything will be ok, but I know that it's not. I don't know how my life can go on without you, I can't imagine you not being in my life.

"I'm so devastated and heartbroken; you were an amazing sister and auntie. Janey loves you so much and I know you loved her to bits.  Please don't forget me, I won't ever forget you, no-one will. Sleep tight, little sis and we'll meet again."