Train To Middlesbrough One Of The Busiest

19 December 2012, 14:58 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

One of the busiest rail routes in terms of crowding is the 6.23am from Manchester Airport to Middlesbrough.

This route is in seventh place, according to new Government figures, with eighth position taken by the 6.17pm train from Liverpool Street in London to Shenfield in Essex, which was 54% over capacity.

The busiest route in terms of crowding being the 7.44am Henley-on-Thames to Paddington in London, with a load factor of 180%.

This means that when the survey was carried out - during autumn 2011 - the Henley-London service was travelling 80% over capacity in standard-class carriages.

From January 2nd, Henley season ticket holders will see their annual fare rise 4.18% to £3,388.

The Department for Transport (DfT) said the First Great Western company had recently added an extra carriage to the 7.44am train, taking the number of standard-class seats to 340.

Top Ten Most Crowded Train Services

1. 7.44am Henley-on-Thames to Paddington in London - 180% over capacity

2. 7.32am from Woking in Surrey to Waterloo in London - 64% over capacity

3. 6.13pm from London Euston to Birmingham New Street - 62% over capacity

4. 4.48pm from London Euston to Birmingham New Street - 60% over capacity

5. 6.30am FROM Banbury in Oxfordshire to London Paddington - 58% over capacity

6. 7.55am train from Stourbridge Junction to Stratford-upon-Avon - 57% over capacity

7. 6.23am from Manchester Airport to Middlesbrough -  55% over capacity

8. 6.17pm from Liverpool Street in London to Shenfield in Essex - 54% over capacity

9. 7.14am service from Alton in Hampshire to Waterloo -  52% over capacity

10. 5.46pm Euston to Birmingham New Street - 52% over capacity