Sunderland Uni Research On Racism In Football

27 November 2013, 06:00 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

New research by a Sunderland Uni expert shows that racism in football still hasn't been tackled

Dr Daniel Kilvington's holding a seminar paper on British Asians and racism in professional football at the University's Centre for research in Media and Cultural Studies (CRMCS) later.

Based on his own research, Dr Kilvington who lectures Media and Culture and Journalism, will investigate the exclusion of British Asians from English professional football.

Currently only eight homegrown Asian players have professional deals across England's top four divisions.

This is despite popular belief that football is the number one sport for British Asians.

The talk will demonstrate structural racisms, overt racism, a lack of role models, a lack of opportunities and cultural differences have excluded British Asians from the game.

Speaking to Capital, Ged Grebby the Chief Executive of 'Show Racism The Red Card' agrees with the findings.

He said:
"I agree that there's still a problem with a lack of homegrown Asian players breaking into the professional game.

There are one or two, like Michael Chopra who have done that, but they are the exception rather than the rule.

It's been an issue for the last 17 years that we are aware of.

We really welcome people like Michael Chopra breaking through, but that was a lot of years ago now.

We thought it might be the same as when the first black players played, the next generation really came through en masse.

But that hasn't happened and I imagine that's down to some of the factors like a lot of young British Asians playing in their own league and that can be down to safety.

But that means the scouts aren't looking and seeing the talent that's out there."