Stockton Takeaway Fined For Filthy Shop

21 May 2013, 15:50 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

The owner of the Hui chinese takeaway on Norton Road in Stockton's been fined over £5,000.

29 year old Jinuy Li of Peel Street, Thornaby, has been ordered to pay £5,166.53 in costs and fines after pleading guilty to eight offences under the Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006.

As the owner, Mr Li, has overall responsibility for ensuring compliance with the law and management of the kitchen and staff.

Teesside Magistrates heard that a routine inspection by environmental health officers found the shop in a filthy, greasy and dirty condition.

On 12th November 2012, a Stockton Council food hygiene officer made a routine inspection of the premises where the unacceptable level of hygiene and poor state of cleanliness immediately became apparent.

Food debris, dirt and grease covered the walls, floors, doorframes and light switches as well as being present underneath and behind equipment.

Large volumes of raw meat were present on food preparation surfaces, in the main sink and stored next to and above ready-to-eat food (Pictured below)

Hui meat sink
There was also a range of filthy cloths, sponges and scourers. 

Hygiene standards and practices were generally very poor.

Mr Li told food hygiene officers that hygiene standards at the premises were lower than usual on the day of inspection due to a delivery arriving on that day.

The court also heard that Mr Li had fully cooperated with the Council since the inspection.

Mr Li admitted the following charges: 
* Failing to make sure that all equipment which came into contact with food namely the cooking range, utensil storage container, shelving and the refrigerator were effectively cleaned and where necessary, disinfected
* Failing to make a washbasin available for cleaning hands as well as providing separate facilities for washing food 
* Failing to keep the food premises, such as preparation and storage areas, in good repair and condition 
* Failing to make sure that equipment which food came into contact with namely, a food storage container, was kept in such good order,   repair and condition as to enable it to be kept clean and where necessary, disinfected 
* Failing to make sure that at all stages of production and processing food was protected against cross contamination 
* Failing to make sure that the ceiling was constructed and finished to prevent the accumulation of dirt and shedding of particles · failing to put in place and maintain adequate food safety management systems and procedures 
* Failing to ensure that food handlers were supervised and trained in food hygiene matters 

Councillor Steve Nelson, Stockton Council's Cabinet Member for Housing and Community Safety, said:
"Residents and visitors to Stockton Borough have the right to expect the highest food hygiene standards, wherever they eat.

Stockton Council's Environmental Health Officers work constantly to make sure that food business operators do not flout the law.

This case is a serious reminder to owners of food premises to make sure good standards of hygiene are upheld and appropriate food management systems are put into place."

If you want to check the results of food hygiene inspections across the Borough and further afield you can visit where premises are given star ratings