Seventeen Sentenced For Arranged Fight

Seventeen people who took part in a planned fight in Howden, North Tyneside have now been sentenced.

Sixteen men and a woman have all been convicted of conspiracy to cause violent disorder at Newcastle Crown Court on Monday, February 6th. 

This follows a street fight in Coldstream Gardens in Howdon between two opposing groups which left one man suffering a stab wound to his chest and two others receiving less serious slash injuries. 

The incident, on April 16th last year, had been orchestrated by the group as a result of growing tensions between local factions. Bad feeling had been simmering after a shooting incident, months earlier, on August 19, 2010, when Paul Borg, a 25-year-old Wallsend man, was shot in the leg with a handgun fired across a busy street where young children were playing outside. 

Three men were given substantial prison sentences in June 2011, totalling over 23 years, after taking part in the shooting, but tensions between local groups continued to rise. The culmination of personal hostility between them led to the fight in April. 

Detective Chief Inspector Max Black, who led both investigations said:
"The sentences issued by the court show clearly that this type of violent behaviour will not be tolerated and will attract a prison sentence. 

Fortunately these events happen very rarely but violent disorder on this scale, when a man was stabbed, could easily have led to a fatality. 

These criminals may have thought that there was safety in numbers and that they would not be caught - but they were wrong. The fight took place in a residential street where law abiding people were shocked and frightened. People who think about this kind of violence should know we are determined to stamp out violent behaviour and will use all our resources to bring these criminals to justice. 

Northumbria Police is determined to tackle violent behaviour and will always work to bring offenders before the courts." 

Those convicted are: 
Paul Borg, age 26 of Quay View, Wallsend sentenced to 28 months 
Dean Elliott, age 22, of Rossal Road, Blackpool, Lancashire sentenced to 32 months 
Jordan Hammond, age 19, of Radnor Gardens, Howdon, North Tyneside sentenced to 20 months 
Geno Davidson, age 21, of Lannerwood, North Shields sentenced to 22 months 
Jonathan Smart age 28, of Weetslade Crescent, Dudley, North Tyneside sentenced to 18 months 
Kenneth Smart, age 24, of Weetslade Crescent, Dudley, North Tyneside sentenced to 18 months 
Joe Welsh, age 20 of no fixed address sentenced to 20 months 
Lucy Owen, age 21, of Worsley Close, Wallsend sentenced to 34 weeks suspended for 12 months 
Mark Amis, age 23, of Kendal Gardens, Wallsend sentenced to 25 months 
David Amis, age 28, of Harle Street, Wallsend sentenced to 27 months 
Dale Fuller, age 24, of Coldstream Gardens, Wallsend sentenced to 31 months 
Scott Fuller, age 21, of Coldstream Gardens, Wallsend sentenced to 27 months 
Terry Pomfrey, age 20, of Barton Close, Wallsend sentenced to 18 months 
Michael McNamara, age 23, of Tiverton Close, Wallsend sentenced to 20 months 
Christopher Terrance, age 23, of Bowness Avenue, Wallsend sentenced to 18 months 
The following were found guilty: 
Craig Kennedy, age 31, of Murray Road, Howdon sentenced to 24 months 
Mark Dalziel, age 22, of Blackhill Avenue, Wallsend sentenced to 24 months. 
Pictured: weapons seized by police during the investigation