Rothbury: A Year On From Moat

8 July 2011, 18:25 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

This weekend marks a year since gunman Raoul Moat shot himself after a week on the run from police in Northumbria.

The village was surrounded by hundreds of armed police as they hunted for the killer who was hiding out in surrounding moorland.

After a six hour stand off with police Moat shot himself in the early hours of the Sunday morning on the banks of the river.

Since then there have been vigils to the spot where Moat took his own life and reports of people re-enacting his final moments. On the year anniversary of Moat's death the people of Rothbury are urging those, who wish to commemorate his death, to stay away.

Capital's Lee Sevenoaks spoke to Peter Dawson who was leader of Rothbury Parish Council at the time of the manhunt...

Peter Dawson Raoul Moat