Prime Minister Raises Redcar Gran Case

27 July 2015, 14:02 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

The case of a grandmother from Redcar facing execution by firing squad has been raised by David Cameron in talks with the Indonesian government.

Lindsay Sandiford was sentenced to death in Bali in January 2013 for drug trafficking after she was found with cocaine worth an estimated £1.6 million as she arrived on the island.

The Prime Minister had said he would raise the case of Sandiford, from Cheltenham, ``in a way I hope will help the family concerned''.

Asked about the case before talks with President Joko Widodo, Mr Cameron said: 
"On the issue of prisoners, I always raise these issues wherever I travel around the world, and will do so here."

"I want to do it in a way I hope will help the family concerned, and obviously will listen to the concerns of the families and their views before doing these things."

"That is the right way to proceed - to try and help.''

Sandiford admitted the offences but claimed she was coerced by threats to her son's life.