Police Officer Shot By Moat Played Dead

Pc David Rathband, who was left blind by Raoul Moat, told a court today that he played dead after being shot twice.

The unarmed officer was shot through the window of his marked police car after he parked it on a roundabout in the west end of Newcastle last july

Pc Rathband, 42, told Newcastle Crown Court: ``As I lay in the car, I realised I just had to lie there and literally play dead because it was quite clear Moat wanted me dead.''

He told the court he thought the former doorman was trying to execute him with the second shot, having already blasted him in the face.

He had somehow raised his left arm to protect himself after the first shot badly damaged his right eye.

``He shot me in the middle of my eyes and the second shot was to finish me off,'' he told the jury.

``So I tried to stop myself breathing because I was making lots of rasping noises because of the amount of blood that was spraying out and that was going down my throat.

``It felt like a lifetime but in reality it was probably a few seconds.''

Pc Rathband was giving evidence in the trial of two men accused of helping Moat

Karl Ness, 26, and Qhuram Awan, 23, deny plotting to murder, attempted murder, robbery and having a gun. Ness also denies the murder of karate instructor Chris Brown - the new boyfriend of Moat's ex Samantha Stobbard.

Moat killed himself during a stand-off with police in Rothbury, Northumberland, after going on the run, having shot Mr Brown and Pc Rathband.

The trial continues.