Northumbria Police Drink Drive Crackdown

24 December 2012, 05:03 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Northumbria Police are warning drivers that alcohol can still have an affect on you the morning after - and to not drink and drive

Many people are going out to enjoy the festive season with friends, family and colleagues, but many may not think alcohol is a factor the morning after when getting behind the wheel.

However, often a person can still be over the legal limit for driving, even if they stopped drinking several hours before.

Last year Northumbria police stopped more than 1,000 drivers between December 1st and January 1st.

Of those, 83 drivers failed or refused to take a breathalyser test.

Chief Inspector Peter Reeve, from Northumbria Police's Operations Command, said:
"Motorists need to be aware that they can still be affected by alcohol the following day, regardless of the amount of time spent sleeping or what they have eaten before driving.

It's a myth that sleep, coffee and cold showers can sober you up and even a small of amount of alcohol left in your system can have a serious affect on your driving ability.

If anyone is in any doubt about whether they are over the limit the morning or many hours after drinking, just don't do it and find another means of travelling or drink responsibly to ensure you aren't over the limit the morning after.

This decision could mean the difference between killing or seriously injuring yourself or another person."

As well as the risk to their own and other people's lives, those who drink and drive and fail a test face a minimum of a year's driving ban, a fine and huge increases in insurance premiums over the next ten years.

In many cases it can lead to them losing their job and even their home.

Our message is simple - don't drink and drive."