North East Women Want 'Magic' Weight Loss

18 February 2013, 05:00 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

1 in 3 women in the North East would be prepared to fork out an entire month's wages on a 'magic' weight loss pill if one existed

The figure comes from a study of 2,000 women by health and fitness website, which shows that more than half of the British female population is being driven to consider quick fix solutions.

The stats have found that here in the North East:

* 5.3% of us would pay more than £5,000 for this 'magic' pill - the highest percentage out of the whole UK (average is 3.3%)
* £1,295.91 is the average women in North-East would spend on magic weight loss pill
* 31% would pay a whole month's salary for a magic weight loss pill
* 69% feel under pressure to lose up to three stone
* 18% feel they have eight stone or more to lose
* 64% feel it's never acceptable to let yourself go
* 44% give up on exercise regimes because don't see results quick enough
* 39% need to see results within a month, 35% in a fortnight (6% higher than national average) and 12% in one week
* 22% find it impossible to lose weight naturally
* 84% want to look natural and healthy like Holly Willoughby and Kelly Brook over 'plastic fantastic' like Jordan
* 39% opt for weight loss pill vs 16% for plastic surgery
* 32% confessed to be jealous of friends that have lost weight through a stomach bug

The three most considered plastic surgery procedures in the North East are: liposuction (33%), tummy tuck (27%), breast augmentation (22%)