North East Doctors Shun Strike Action

21 June 2012, 16:51 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Doctors voted to go on strike for the first time in almost 40 years, but for most GPs in the North East, it was business as usual.

Over 85 per cent of GP practices are providing a normal, or near to normal service, with the remaining 15% treating urgent cases only.

As anticipated and already planned for, a small proportion of non urgent, planned operations (approximately 7.5%) and outpatient appointments (approximately 8.8%) have been rescheduled.

Local NHS organisations have contacted patients to ensure they are treated as soon as possible.

  No. of rescheduled, non-urgent operations No. of rescheduled outpatient appointments No. of GP practices providing normal / near to normal service No. of GP practices treating urgent only cases
NHS North Of Tyne 48 144 98 13
NHS South Of Tyne 52 293 89 28
NHS Co. Durham & Darlington 18 144 75 9
NHS Tees 21 404 83 10
NORTH EAST TOTAL 139 (approx 7.5%) 985 (approx 8.8%) 345 (85%) 60 (15%)

On average, there are around 11,000 outpatient appointments and 1,800 planned operations every day across the north east NHS.

Phil Bain, head of emergency preparedness and resilience at NHS North East said:
"The NHS is always very well prepared for any additional pressure on services, including any industrial action. All north east NHS organisations have made every effort to minimise disruption for patients during today's industrial action.

Every effort is also being made to ensure that those patients whose care has been affected, have their appointments rescheduled at the earliest possible opportunity."