Nissan Cuts Production At Sunderland Plant

7 April 2011, 11:01 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Nissan today became the latest car manufacturer to be hit by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan when it announced three non-production days at its UK plant in Sunderland.

The firm said its Easter shutdown at the plant will be extended meaning no cars will be built in Sunderland from the end of shifts on April 21 until May 3 because of the Easter break and extra holiday for the royal wedding.

Nissan said the effect on its 5,000 workers in Sunderland will be kept to a minimum by bringing forward non-production days already planned for later in the year and have confirmed all staff will remain on full pay for the extra days break.

``Demand for all Sunderland-produced models remains high, and once the normal delivery of components has been re-established, the plant will work to recover any lost volume as quickly as possible. Despite the current temporary operational difficulties being faced by all vehicle manufacturers, Nissan is well-placed to respond quickly and flexibly to the current challenges, supported by the professionalism of our staff, suppliers and dealer network, and we are confident of making a complete recovery in the short term,'' the firm said in a statement.

The 3,000 Honda workers will remain on full pay, and the halving of production will lead to 22,500 fewer cars being built, although the firm said it will make up the production by the end of the financial year.