Newcastle United Fans Protest

18 October 2013, 08:29 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

10 Newcastle United fan groups are joining up for a protest march ahead of the Mags' game against Liverpool on Saturday.

The 'Time For Change' march has been organised by fans who aren't happy with the club's owner Mike Ashley.

The group hopes l over 1,000 fans could turn out in support.

Chris McQuillan from the United for Newcastle fan group has told Capital there are a number of reasons why they wanted to arrange the march:
"It's one of those moments where fan opinion and discontent is pretty high after a woeful summer.

What appeals to me about the protest is there's no illusions - no one is saying Mike Ashley is going to get up and leave, but it's about people coming together.

It's a very simple message - enough is enough.

It's just one thing after another. Joe Kinnear's appointment is one thing, the lack of transfers is another, the renaming of the stadium.

It's symbolic because last season we were beaten 6-0 in the same fixture.

It works because the Liverpool fans have been through the same thing, with an owner they didn't want. They did succeed in getting him out and we've had a lot of support from the Liverpool fans. Some of them have said they'll be there and we're very grateful for that."

Northumbria Police is planning a police operation in response to the march.

Newcastle city centre will remain open for business, however, there may be some disruption around rolling road closures needed to facilitate the demonstration.

The march will take place in the morning, starting at Northumberland Road and ending at Barrack Road, passing through the city centre, including Haymarket.

At the end, short speeches will take place at Leazes Park.

Superintendent Andy McDyer, Newcastle Area Command, said:
"We are aware of a planned protest in Newcastle city centre taking place on Saturday morning and have liaised closely with the organisers throughout.

We expect the event to pass peacefully and will have extra officers in the city centre to facilitate the march. We are fully aware of the potential impact on local businesses and users of the city centre and will work to try and keep disruption to a minimum."