Newcastle Tops The Chart For Stags & Hens

25 May 2013, 05:30 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

This weekend's the busiest for stag and hen parties - with around 7,000 descending on Newcastle alone.

Around the UK 70,000 stag and hen dos are set to make it the busiest stag and hen weekend ever.

Figures from events experts Chillisauce have revealed that a whopping £16 million will be spent by stag and hen revellers in the 20 most popular destinations, with bars, restaurants, hotels and nightclubs all set for a bumper weekend.

According to the study, Newcastle is top of the charts has also rocketed to the top of the charts for stag and hen popularity and is expected to see the biggest swell in numbers this weekend - more than tripling the number of visitors this time last year.

And it's good news for the ladies - Stag parties are set to outnumber the hens by nearly 3 to 1, with more than 5,000 stags compared to just over 1,750 hens.

It all adds up to good news for local businesses, with a whopping £1.8 million expected to be spent during the course of the weekend, including more than £600,000 on booze, more than two-and-half times the amount that will be spent lining their stomachs with food.

Geordie cabbies will be cashing in too, with more than £41,000 set to be spent on taxi fares.

The top 20 cities for stag and hen parties are:
* Newcastle
* London
* Edinburgh
* Manchester
* Birmingham
* Bristol
* Southampton
* Cardiff
* Leeds
* Liverpool
* Nottingham
* Weymouth
* Weston-super-Mare
* Southend-on-Sea
* Brighton
* Bournemouth
* Blackpool
* Newquay
* York
* Oxford


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