Moat Fan's Children "Act Out Death"

23 June 2011, 10:38 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Fans of gunman Raoul Moat who went on a rampage in Northumberland have been using their children to recreate the killer's final moments.

Witnesses have seen families posing on the banks of the River Coquet where the former doorman shot himself after a six-hour stand-off with armed police.

Neighbours watched parents urging their children, some as young as five, to lie on the ground and pretend to point a gun to their heads, while they took photos.

Christine Williams, 39, who lives less than 100 yards from where Moat shot himself dead, said villagers were appalled.

She said people in the once-idyllic community were sick of the intrusion caused by Moat's ghoulish followers.

The killer, who was jailed for beating up a child, went on the run in Northumbria after shooting dead an unarmed man and maiming his ex-girlfriend.

He then shot and blinded another unarmed man, dad-of-two Pc David Rathband, who was working a night shift as a traffic officer for Northumbria Police.

Moat then killed himself following a six-hour stand-off in Rothbury.