High Winds Batter The North East

11 January 2017, 09:09 | Updated: 11 January 2017, 09:26

Storm Damage by The Gate in Newcastle

Hundreds of people across the North East have woken up without power after a night of gale-force winds.

Northern Power Grid estimate thousands of properties in Newcastle had their supply cut off overnight, while hundreds more homes in the region still had no electricity this morning. 

Meanwhile, roof tiles were blown away, trees came down and several routes were closed to high-sided vehicles. 


But forecasters have warned there is more extreme weather to come. 

Gusts nearing 60mph are expected this morning, with a Met Office yellow weather warning in force. 

Meanwhile a weather system - working its way over from Cananda - described as an "arctic blast" is expected to bring freezing temperatures and a strong chance of snow later in the week. 

A Met Office spokesman said the weather will feel "distinctly colder" as we get into Thursday, adding: 

"It will be windy and cold on Friday, with potentially some large waves and coastal flooding going down the eastern side of the country''.