Sunderland PT's Great North Run Tips

13 September 2013, 12:26 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Personal trainer Katie Bulmer-Cooke from Sunderland has been giving Capital her tips ahead of the Great North Run.

Katie, who was named UK Personal Trainer of the Year in 2012, has these tips if you're running the iconic half marathon from Newcastle to South Shields on Sunday.

Friday (Two Days To Go)

  • Start preparation now
  • Get some good quality carbohydrates such as porridge, rice and sweet potato inside you
  • Rest but keep yourself mobile
  • Get to bed on time
  • Let your body regenerate and refuel

Saturday (Day Before Race Day)

  • Stay mobile
  • Go for a very light run if you want to keep moving
  • It's key to have a good night's sleep tonight 
  • Good quality


Sunday (The Big Day!) 


  • Set yourself up with a good breakfast such as porridge
  • Beat those nerves. Talk to people at the start line - everyone's really friendly!
  • Warm up before you start to avoid injury 
  • Do actions that mimic running to warm up the upper body as well as the lower body 


  • There's always the sweetie stop at the 10 mile mark which is just what you need with 3 miles to go
  • The atmosphere will carry you through

  • Eat some good quality food, not processed, to replace the carbohydrates you've lost during the run
  • Proteins will help repair the muscles
  • The biggest mistake people make after the run is they STOP. Try and stay mobile
  • Try not to sit down for too long at a time after the run 
  • Have a nice hot bath after 
  • Drink plenty of water - it is key for refuelling and regenerating