Girl Impaled On Railings In Sunderland

A 10 year old Wearside girl's recovering in hospital after being impaled on railings.

Caitlin Brown had emergency surgery after she fell from a tree and landed on the railings near her home in Gainsborough Square, Sunderland.

One pierced her stomach and shoulder and it took rescuers more than two hours to cut her free.

She was taken to Newcastle's Royal Victoria Infirmary (RVI) with part of the railing still in her body, it's now been removed.

Keith Trotter of Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service praised her courage saying:

'She is an incredibly brave young lady who showed extraordinary courage.

'Her parents were there throughout so that helped her, but she was very, very brave indeed.'
Mr Trotter said the rescue operation was delicate for the three crews in attendance.

'Due to the nature of the impalement it was a very difficult operation in as much as the crews had to support her weight throughout.

'The little girl could not be laid down so the crews had to carry her in the same position all the way to the ambulance which was about 250ft away. That was the closest it could get.'