Gay Domestic Abuse Victims Urged To Speak Out

24 November 2016, 06:00

Know More

Gay people living in abusive relationships are being urged to no longer suffer in silence, thanks to a new North East campaign.

It aims to help gay, bi-sexual and trans men understand how things can go wrong in relationships, and where they can turn to for help.

Northumberland Domestic Abuse Services (NDAS) is launching the K(NO)W MORE campaign, as research shows a quarter of LGBT people have suffered abuse in a relationship.

Joseph is from the North East and was abused by his partner of five years.

"I didn't know what was happening to me was domestic abuse. “

“I didn't even really know that it wasn't normal in a relationship.”  

“He used to look up the price of the cheapest sandwich in Tesco, and then he'd give me my bus fare and the 99p for my lunch.”

“When I came home I had to show him the bus ticket and the receipt.  If I didn't have them, that would cause a row.” 

“If I shouted back, he'd just go all quiet, and say I was mad, out of control."

The campaign will see leaflets, stickers and posters being distributed throughout Northumberland, an online campaign with dating site Gaydar, and a KNOW MORE Facebook page with help and advice.

More information can be found at the Facebook site KNOWMORENDAS or on the NDAS website,