Gateshead Fire Station Ransacked

Fire officers say they're shocked and disgusted after a fire station in Gateshead was burgled and badly damaged during the night.

Burgalrs broke into the Gateshead West Community Fire Station in Chopwell and a number of rooms have been completely ransacked.

Several computers were stolen as well

The fire and rescue service is estimating that there has been several thousand pounds worth of damage, and because of that, the fire station is not operational and at this stage it's not known when it'll be back in operation.

Area Manager Chris Lowther, Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service, said: "We are absolutely appalled that someone could stoop so low as to actually break into, steal from and seriously damage a fire station. We are here to protect the community and cannot believe anyone would want to stop us from being able to do this. I'm sure local people will be as shocked as we are to hear this news. We would appeal to anyone who may know anything about the burglary to contact the police."