Court Hears Moat Giggled After Shooting

Shotgun killer Raoul Moat giggled after shooting unarmed Pc David Rathband a court heard today.

The former doorman left the married father-of-two blind after shooting him in the shoulder and face from point-blank range.

He said ``I don't think he's dead'', before being driven from the scene screaming ``Go, go, go'', still carrying his smoking gun, Newcastle Crown Court was told.

Moat, 37, was on the run from police, having shot and seriously injured his ex-girlfriend, Samantha Stobbart, and executed her new partner, Chris Brown, less than 24 hours earlier.

Moat's friend, Karl Ness, said he was terrified he would be the next victim after Moat turned into ``a monster'' following the shootings in July.

The 26-year-old denies the prosecution claim that he was a ``willing accomplice''.

Giving evidence, he told the jury that he had been too frightened to run away when Moat headed for Pc Rathband's patrol car, which was parked on an A1 roundabout in the west of Newcastle.

The trial continues.