County Durham Man Tasered After Stabbing Dog

A County Durham man who stabbed his dog to death and then threatened police was tasered then arrested.

A woman rang police saying a man living on the Woodhouse Close estate of Bishop Auckland, was attacking his pet spaniel with a knife.

When police arrived the dog was found dead from multiple stab wounds and the man was refusing to put down his knife.

Armed polices were called in and the man threatened them, he refused to listened, so they used a baton round and then Taser on him.

He was arrested on suspicion of affray, taken to Bishop Auckland Police Station and medically examined, then questioned.

Durham Police said no one else was in the house at the time and no officers or members of the public were injured.

The property remained cordoned off while inquiries continue.

Superintendent Graham Hall said: “This man was clearly threatening officers and we were only able to arrest him after he was subject to a Taser discharge.

“We were able to contain and resolve this incident very quickly, which clearly demonstrates the value of having less lethal options at our disposal.”