Conservatives Denied Historic Majority On Northumberland Council After Straw Draw

5 May 2017, 09:59 | Updated: 5 May 2017, 10:00

Ballot Box

Northumberland County Council remains under no overall control after the final seat was so close it was decided by drawing straws.

One single party needed to win in 34 of the 67 wards to take overall control.

The Conservatives made gains in 13 wards across the county, its Labour losing 7 and the Lib Dems also losing 7. 

But the big story of the count was the South Blyth vote. 

The number of votes was so close that the Lib Dem and Conservative candidates drew straws, with Lib Dem candidate Lesley Rickerby coming out successful. 

Here are the overall results from around the county:
LAB: 24