Calls To Tighten Rules On Cosmetic Procedures

7 March 2014, 05:43 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Revamp Clinic in Gosforth are calling on the government to toughen regulations in the cosmetics industries to stop botched procedures.

Fresh rules for the cosmetic procedures industry were announced by the Government last month when ministers said it will become illegal to offer dermal fillers without training.

But surgeons across the country say the decision not to classify them as prescription only is a "missed opportunity".

The cosmetic procedures industry, where treatments are given which don't require surgery, is worth £2.3bn.

9 out of 10 procedures that are carried out are fillers, laser hair removal and Botox.

Botox is currently only sold to people via a prescription, but for other treatments, such as fillers, you don't have to be a medical practitioner to give them to someone.

That was the case with 24 year old Siobhan from Newcastle who bought a treatment online via a voucher website. 

She had laser treatment on thread veins under her eyes which went wrong, leaving her with black circles under her eyes.

She told Capital:
" It's a big thing anyway and you're scared anyway to go and get the courage to go and get something done about whatever you're uncomfortable with.

For that not to work because somebody has done it wrong isn't really fair.'

Claire's a nurse at the Revamp clinic in Gosforth who's doing corrective procedures to help Siobhan's skin get back to normal. 
'The treatment Siobhan had would never have worked and should never have been done in the first place because of the problems it would cause.

What we want to do is stop this happening again.'

James Wilde's the Managing Director at Revamp clinics - he's calling on a change to the way the industry is regulated.

He told Capital:
'We want to see a change in the industry. A massive change.

We're not regulated and no one takes any responsibility for mistakes that are made.

We want to raise public awareness so they know who to go to, what to go there for and ultimately what the outcome should be.'