Advice For Sunderland Fans Heading To Wembley

19 February 2014, 06:00 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Sunderland AFC has warned fans travelling to Wembley for the Capital One Cup Final not to bring any pyrotechnics or smoke bombs.

Standard Ground Regulations will be in operation at the Stadium for the game between the Black Cats and Man City.

These include:
· The use of pyrotechics is strictly prohibited in and around the stadium.
· Wembley is an all-seater stadium.
· Supporters must keep all aisles and gangway areas clear.
· Supporters must keep their match ticket with them at all times and sit in their allocated seat.
· Wembley Stadium is a no-smoking venue. Sunderland fans are kindly asked to respect the Wembley stewards and staff and to heed any instructions and advice given by them on the day.

Sunderland fans are being advised that staff at Wembley Stadium will be taking strong measures to prevent the use of pyrotechnics at the final on March 2nd.

Pyrotechnics and smoke bombs are strictly prohibited in and around Wembley and police will arrest anyone found in possession of pyrotechnics within the stadium itself, as well as the streets and surrounding areas.

Pyrotechnic detecting dogs will be on duty at the Wembley turnstiles and all supporters, including minors (under 12), will be searched if there is reason to believe they may be in possession of pyrotechnics.

Sunderland AFC stewards will be on duty on the day, working with their colleagues from Wembley to assist with the stewarding operation and in the robust tackling of the illegal use of pyrotechnics. 

SAFC head of safety and security Paul Weir said:
"We want every Sunderland fan to have a fantastic day at Wembley and to enjoy the whole experience of the Capital One Cup final.

Wembley's Ground Regulations very much mirror those at the Stadium of Light so supporters will be well aware of them and we would ask everyone to ensure that they abide by the rules."

Wembley operates an Anti-Social Behaviour text number for supporters to report and incidents of such behaviour anonymously. The number is 87474