9 In 10 People In The North East Rely On 'Quick Fix' Meals

27 February 2013, 06:26 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Only a third of young people living in the North East say they have time to cook their dinner from scratch once a week.

A study of employees aged 18 to 30 show many claim they are simply too busy to cook proper meals regularly.

Beans on toast, scrambled eggs and instant noodles are amongst the 'quick fix meals' the North East's young professionals rely on.

90% of workers agreed they are more likely to bung a pizza in the oven or stir some pesto in a bowl of pasta than cook anything more exotic.

One third of those polled even admit to regularly having a bowl of cereal in place of a proper meal, because they can't be bothered to do anything else. 

At least one meal a week will be had on the bus, train or in a fast food restaurant on the way home from work.

Geoff Cormack, spokesman for Harbour Salmon Co. Infusions, which carried out the survey said:
"Young professionals who are totally committed to work - and who don't have a family to go home to - are likely to view food as something to keep them going rather than an enjoyable part of the day.

The study indicates that workers are too busy, too stressed and too side-tracked to give a decent amount of time or thought to what they will eat for their evening meal.

As such, workers are opting for quick fix meals which are fast to prepare, and take little effort.

Unfortunately this can mean that some of the meals Brits are choosing to eat ? such as pies, chips and pizza are on the unhealthy side."

Eight in 10 admit they would try to cook from scratch more often if they arrived home from work at a decent time - most workers rarely walk through the front door before 6.30pm.


1. Pizza
2. Jacket potato
3. Stir fry
4. Pasta and pesto
5. Soup
6. Beans on toast
7. Scrambled eggs
8. Omelette
9. A bowl of cereal
10. Stuffed pasta
11. Cheese on toast
12. Sausage and chips
13. Instant noodles
14. Toasties 15.
Pie and chips
16. Burger and chips
17. Chicken nuggets and chips
18. Fishfinger sandwich
19. Burger in a bun
20. Ham, egg and chips