9 In 10 In The North East Can't Go Without Gadgets

18 February 2013, 13:17 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

New stats from the Digital Home Index show almost 90% of people in the North East couldn't go a day without using technology.

That's the highest percentage in the country

More than half of us now use phones and computers to communicate with friends and family in the same house - and even in the same room!

67% admitted that they use phone calls, text messages, tweets and emails rather than bothering to go into the next room to talk to other members of the household.

That's also the highest rate in the country.

And a third of us say we check our phones, laptops or tablets while we're in bed

The Stats

* 67% now use technology devices to communicate with friends and family even when they're in the same house (HIGHEST IN THE UK)

* 23% prefer to speak on the phone or via social media rather than face to face

* 87% would struggle to go one day without technology devices (HIGHEST IN THE UK)

* 76% check emails and social networks before starting work in the morning

* 31% check technology devices from their beds

* Individuals in the North East own on average £3,734 worth of technology devices

* One in 10 (10%) confesses to taking them into the bathroom as they struggle to be apart for even a second

* Double the amount of respondents would least like to lose their smartphone (22%) over their wedding or engagement ring (11%).