Under-21s in the North West Get Sex Education From Watching Porn

Young people in the North West are getting some of their sex education from watching internet porn, according to research.

Eighty under-21s, including many from Bolton and Manchester, took part in Project XXX, which was set up to explore the effect porn is having on young people.

What was found by the researchers, led by Dr Kim Wiltshire from Edge Hill University, was that teenagers were accessing porn at a very young age, usually from around 13.

They were also able to get around most internet filters and barriers, often using their smart phones to access porn.

Girls said they considered porn to be 'wrong' but at the same time felt they were expected by boys to look and behave like porn stars.

Sexting, where explicit pictures or videos are taken and then sent around to friends, was also common.

The findings have been turned into a play, called Light, Heat and Other Radiation, which has had two trial performances at the Octagon Theatre in Bolton.

Those behind the drama are now hoping to get funding so that the piece can tour the North of England.

Capital's Matt Mears has spoken to some of those involved - listen to the interviews below:

Dr Kim Wiltshire speaks to Capital about internet porn research

Paul Hine talks to Capital about internet porn research

Nadia Balfe talks to Capital about internet porn research