Police Ensure Safer Summer In Manchester

Police in Manchester city centre are stepping up the fight against crime and antisocial behaviour to ensure that visitors can enjoy the summer months in the city in peace and safety.

Increased patrols by local officers supported by specialist dogs, mounted and tactical aid police units started this week to clear the heart of the city of criminals in time for the bumper Bank Holiday breaks this month. The operation will continue throughout the busy summer months ahead.

Officers are using a wide range of tactics to target drug dealers, thieves and those intent on causing antisocial behaviour. These include confiscation of alcohol from underage drinkers and those drinking in alcohol-free zones, robust police action for possession of all illegal drugs and ordering people who officers believe could get involved in alcohol-fuelled antisocial behaviour to leave the area and not return for 48 hours.

The movements and actions of offenders known to frequent the city centre will also be scrutinized as part of this operation with the help of partner agencies businesses such as Manchester City Council, Cityco and the Piccadilly Partnership.  

Divisional Commander for north Manchester, Chief Superintendent Steve Heywood, said: "Manchester City Centre has such a lot to offer to shoppers, tourists and those visiting to enjoy the night life.  We are aware that there are a small number of aggressive beggars, binge-drinkers and thieves who can mar the experience of coming here for others.  

"With this operation we intend to make the city centre an even safer place for everyone while we create a hostile environment for criminals and troublemakers.  We will intervene early and take tough action against offenders intent on spoiling things for the law-abiding majority.

"We will continue to make Manchester city centre a vibrant place for people to enjoy the sunshine, shops and sights in safety this summer but if you plan to come here to cause trouble you will not be made welcome."

Deputy Leader of Manchester City Council Cllr Jim Battle said: "We will continue to work with the police to make sure that people who come to visit Manchester during the summer have a safe and enjoyable experience."