Mum & son left sick dog to suffer

27 November 2018, 09:15 | Updated: 27 November 2018, 09:19

rocco the mastiff

A mother and son have appeared in court after they left their dog’s chronic skin condition and an ear infection to deteriorate so much the pet had to be put to sleep.

50 year old Juliet Venables and 22 year old John Anderson, of Fairman Street, Moss Side, Manchester, pleaded guilty to two animal welfare offences when they appeared at Manchester City Magistrates Court.

The court heard how the pair owned a mastiff-type dog called Rocco who had lost most of his hair due to a chronic skin condition which was left untreated and the pet became so ill a family member decided to take him to Greater Manchester Animal Hospital.

Veterinary staff soon discovered that as well as the skin condition he had a chronic ear infection and his health was so poor that the kindest thing was to put the 13-year-old dog to sleep to end his suffering.

RSPCA inspector Angela Paxton-Taylor said: “Rocco had severe hair loss and crusty thickened skin so it was quite clear he needed veterinary treatment and would have been suffering.

“This case goes to show if your pet appears unwell you should seek veterinary attention straight away, never just leave it and allow the suffering to continue until it gets to the point when nothing can be done.

“In this case I believe both defendants were unaware just how bad things had become and they did co-operate and pleaded guilty at the first opportunity.”

In mitigation the court was told how the pair were remorseful and realised they should have acted sooner.

As well as three-year bans on all animals, the pair were also ordered to pay a £80 fine each and a £30 victim surcharge at the court hearing held on Friday November 16.