Muamba Tweet Student Banned From Uni

22 May 2012, 13:34 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

A student, who mocked Bolton Footballer Fabrice Muamba on Twitter after he suffered a heart attack, has been banned from his Uni

21 year old Liam Stacey, was suspended from Swansea University in the wake of his public fall from grace.

He has been released from jail after serving half of a 56 day sentence for admitting racially aggravated public disorder.

University chiefs have have now suspended the final year biology student until the end of the academic year. It includes a blanket ban on setting foot on the university campus over the same period.

But Stacey will be allowed to sit his final exams, as an external candidate, next year, one year late. But he will not be allowed to sit them at university and, if successful, will not be invited to a traditional graduation ceremony.

Back home in Pontypridd after his release from jail, Stacey continues to suffer the after effects of his drunken behaviour. He triggered revulsion when he posted ``LOL (laugh out loud). F*** Muamba. He's dead!!!''

The tweet appeared as doctors fought to save Muamba's life.

When that message attracted a barrage of criticism he replied with a series of racist tweets.

Stacey is due to make a public apology on Tuesday to the football star in a BBC Wales interview in a late evening TV show.

He tells the programme: “What I struggle to get my head around was the week or two before I was just a normal kid getting on with my work in university, getting on with life, playing rugby with all my mates, then a week or two later I was just going to prison, everything had been turned upside down.”

Stacey will also use the interview to apologise for the first time to Muamba