Manchester Airport Invests £12 Million In New Luggage Scanner

A new 3D luggage scanner has been unveiled at Manchester Airport.

The Real Time Tomography (RTT) has been developed by Rapiscan Systems. They also provide the body scanners that are currently in use at the airport.

We are told RTT significantly improves detection of potential threats to aviation security, reduces delays in baggage handling, increases the efficiency of airport operations and improves the overall experience of airport customers.

Andrew Harrison, Managing Director, Manchester Airport, said: "Our order for the RTT technology is the latest innovative development in our approach to aviation security both in terms of improving customer service and managing potential threats. 

"We have worked closely with Rapiscan on the development of the RTT including its trial at Manchester Airport in 2009. 

"With its revolutionary design and unprecedented performance, Rapiscan's RTT will help us to maintain our reputation as one of Europe’s most passenger friendly airports."