Man Jailed For Driving at Victim

10 September 2012, 16:14 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

A man who ploughed his car into an innocent man in Manchester, leaving the victim in a wheelchair, has been jailed for ten years.

40 year old Andrew van Horne of Cornbrook Road, Manchester was convicted in a four day trial.

After being asked to leave a party on Boxing night in Moss Side for threatening someone with a knife, he drove his car at three people outside the house on Markington Street, hitting a 47 year old man.

The car crashed through the front wall of the house, into the living room. Van Horne then reversed and drove away.

Detective Constable Ian Wrench, said: "Van Horne left an absolute trail of devastation behind him that night - all over a spilt drink.

"Clearly his ego is so fragile that he could not take being ejected from a party and responded in the only way he could think of - with shocking and totally unnecessary violence.

"His damaged pride resulted in one man suffering truly horrific and life-changing injuries, a female left with significant damage to her ankle and massive damage to the front of a house.

"The principal victim is now in a wheelchair and has been told he may have to have his leg amputated.

"No sentence today could ever return the victim's life to normal, but I hope it can at least provide some solice."