Man Jailed After Stockport Teen Drug Death

30 July 2012, 14:39 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

A man has been jailed after a 16 year old girl died from taking Class A drugs in Stockport

20 year old Thomas Donelon from Levenshulme was jailed for two years after being found guilty of possessing and supplying a Class A drug.

19 year old Dean Williams, from Brinnington, received a six month sentence suspended for 12 months and 250 hours community service after pleading guilty to supplying a Class A drug.

30 year old Michael Millington, from Lymm in Cheshire received a 12 month sentence suspended for 12 months and 300 community service after pleading guilty of supplying a Class A drug.

police were called to Reddish Vale Road in Reddish last december, where paramedics were trying to revive 16 year old Serena Harding, she was taken to hospital but she later died.

She was at a party with a group of people including, Millington and Williams, who had taken an amount of crystal MDMA that had been bought from Donelon.

Millington and Williams were arrested shortly after Serena’s death.

Police searched the home of Donelon the next day and found a small mesh bag containing seven snap bags of drugs. He was later arrested.

Post-mortem and toxicology tests results showed that Serena had died after having a high concentration of MDMA in her blood and stomach.

Serena's parents, Kenny and Diana Harding, from Rixton in Warrington said: “Every day we ask ourselves `how can this be’.

"Serena filled all our hearts; she was so loving and caring and was sometimes wise beyond her almost 17 years. The tears we cry everyday are futile because she will never come home again. She should have been turning 18 this August. She would have been going to Uni as she was expected to do exceptionally well at college.

"The day we lost Serena to an overdose of MDMA, pure ecstasy as it’s commonly known, she nearly didn’t go out as she had a job interview the next day and wanted to prepare for it. We were so happy to see her going out with a friend she had known since she was 12. She had been ill for months with re occurring flare ups of Crohn’s disease which had suffered with for the last 4 years.

“She spent all of the summer resting at home while her friends had jobs and boyfriends. Serena just wanted to be like everybody else her age. We never thought for one moment that she would try any drugs because of her medical condition and she was always adamant that she wouldn’t. We believe Serena got out of her depth and gave in to peer pressure.

"You need ID for cigarettes and alcohol. Drug dealers don’t ask for ID. They don’t care how old you are. It’s too easy for teenagers to get hold of drugs.

“Drugs are everywhere and somebody will always know somebody who will sell you some. Parks like Reddish Vale, where Serena died are often frequented by teenagers taking drugs at night because they think that there is less chance of them getting caught but when things go badly the emergency services may struggle to get to their aid in these badly lit, inaccessible places quickly enough.” 

20 year old Thomas Donelon jailed for 2 years.

thomas donelon