Man Bludgeoned Factory Colleagues

12 December 2011, 16:32 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

A paranoid schizophrenic bludgeoned two work colleagues at a Manchester factory, killing one of them, when he heard voices saying they did not like him.

Hishyar Baper, 32, crept up behind his two victims and attacked them at the end of an afternoon shift on January 21 at Simpson Ready Foods in Urmston, Greater Manchester, a court heard.

Turkish-born shift supervisor Ferat Kesmez, 30, was changing out of his work clothes in a locker room when he was hit at least three times with a blunt object.

Baper then slashed at the father of two's neck as he lay defenceless on the floor in a bid to decapitate him.

Earlier, team leader Kaveh Mohammadi was also struck from behind three times as he washed his hands at a sink.

Manchester Crown Court heard that Mr Kesmez had moved to Urmston after meeting his future wife, Samantha, who had fallen in love with him while visiting Turkey on holiday.

He was described by his employers as "well liked'' and "well regarded'', and who did anything he could to help workmates who struggled with English.

In contrast, Baper was depicted as a "loner'' who did not mix socially with anyone at the factory and had also tricked his way into Britain from Iraq by falsely claiming he was a political opponent of Saddam Hussein and had been tortured.

Baper, of Moss Lane, Urmston, has been sentenced to an indefinite hospital order after pleading guilty to manslaughter by reason of diminished responsibility and wounding with intent.