Lib Dems Suffer Greater Manchester Losses In Local Elections

The Liberal Democrats lose control of councils in Greater Manchester after a poor night for them in the local elections.

Stockport has become a hung council after the Lib Dems lost 4 seats., while Labour has taken control of Bolton Council winning five seats.

Manchester stayed under Labour rule after it won all ten of the Lib Dem seats it contested, while Labour's grip on Salford grew stronger claiming five more seats.

Oldham will also be a Labour run authority after it exceeded expectations by gaining seven seats.

A crucial seat in Ramsbottom could decide which way Bury Council falls. It will go to third re-count after the first was split by just two votes while the second was tied. A Labour win would see them have an overall majority.

Rochdale remains a hung council with Labour taking minority control.

The Lib dems lost six seats in Warrington to give Labour control of the council, while Halton remains a Labour run authority.

Counts are taking place later in Blackburn, Burnley, Preston, Rossendale and West Lancashire.