Lancashire Dad Killed Baby So They Could Be Together

8 February 2012, 18:43 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

39 year old Paul McBride from Preston killed baby Ollie shortly after a difficult break-up of a with the child's mum Michaela Swain.

The baby's dry body was found lying on the bed in the upstairs bedroom of Mr McBride's home in Lancashire and he was found hanging from a stairwell in soaking wet clothes.

Found nearby were two hand-written notes from the taxi driver addressed to his brother - one was written on the back of a court order obtained by Ms Swain.

Preston Coroner's Court heard Ms Swain had recently secured a non-molestation order against her former partner, designed to prevent him threatening or harassing her.

She alerted police just four minutes after he was due to return Ollie to her at 4pm on September 14 last year.

Preston deputy coroner Simon Jones recorded verdicts that Mr McBride took his own life and that he unlawfully killed his son and said:

``The notes make it clear that Mr McBride was intending to take his own life and that of his son against the background of the difficulties in the relationship,'' 

``He took the decision so that, in his own words, 'they could both be together'.''