Gangnam Spoof Raises Thousands for Bury Boy

A spoof Gangnam Style video has helped raise £6 600 for a Bury boy, who was diagnosed with a brain tumour at the age of 3.

Made by staff from Devon and Cornwall Police, its now been viewed more than 40 000 times.

Officers did it to raise money for 12-year-old Joshua Wilson, who has severe neuromuscular disabilities, which means he needs a fully adapted home.

His mum Dawn has to find £25,000 to pay for a ceiling track hoist, a special bath, building work and other basic equipment.

Thanks to the video she's now much closer to her target.

"We may reach it even by the end of this week," Dawn says. "From Joshua's point of view its brilliant because it gives him exactly what he needs.

"From my point of view it means I won't have to lift him as much any more."

The video was the idea of Sergeant Gary Watts after he was contacted on Twitter by a friend of Joshua's, asking for a police helmet.

Sgt Watts said: ``This isn't something we would normally do. We don't give out any uniform for obvious reasons.

"However, I could see from pictures and tweets that Josh is mad about the emergency services and it would be a unique gift.''

Watch the video below:

If you want to donate to Joshua click here