Firefighters Strike Over Pensions Row

25 September 2013, 06:00 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Many firefighters in Manchester will be joining a national strike this afternoon in a dispute over pensions.

Firefighters will walk out for four hours between midday and 4pm.

The Fire Brigade’s Union says nearly 80 per cent of it’s members voted in favour of the strike after the government unveiled plans to increase the age they could get their full pension, to 60.

The FBU believe that the majority of firefighters won’t be able to maintain the required fitness levels into their late 50s.

However, the government say the existing arrangements are just not affordable.

They argue even with the changes, firefighters will still receive one of the highest public service pensions.

Gary Keary, from Manchester FBU spoke to Capital and said:

“Striking is not something firefighters take lightly.

“All we want is for the government to continue with negotiations which would hopefully prevent any further strike action.”