Family of Murdered Student Heard News On Facebook

The Dad of the student murdered in Salford says they found out on Facebook.

23-year-old Anuj Bidve, was shot dead in Greater Manchester on Boxing Day.

Mr Bidve's father Subhash Bidve said, "Nobody official from the UK Government or consulate or the Indian Government called us and told us about this,"

"I am really surprised because they confiscated his phone and must have know his father's or mother's number. They could have called us and told us what had happened to him."

He also said the family want to know when his body can be returned home to India.

Police say they are continuing to investigate the murder which they say they're treating as a hate crime.
Five people - a 20-year-old man and four teenagers - have been arrested on suspicion of murder.

Greater Manchester Police yesterday confirmed that the murder of Anuj is being treated as a hate crime.

The murder weapon, believed to be a small handgun, has not been found.

Police say they've still not established a clear motive.